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Individual psychotherapy in an atmosphere of respect, curiosity, and collaboration.


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Something is not quite right.  It might be a conflictual relationship, an unexplainable fear, a lack of passion, a sense of isolation, or a dark mood.  Or perhaps a destructive pattern, a physical symptom, an addiction, or a sense that you don’t quite know who you are. 

The reasons people seek psychotherapy are numerous, but a common thread that I see as a therapist is a general sense of feeling ‘stuck’ and needing the help of another person to get ‘unstuck’.  The other thing I see is that each person’s process is unique and that therapy is certainly not a ‘one size fits all’ project.

One of my primary goals as a therapist is to create a space that allows you to be honest with yourself without fear of judgment or shame.  In this space we can be curious about you and your experience in a way that leads to increased awareness, a greater sense of freedom, and more choices in living a life that is authentic to you as an individual.  Here the goals are wholeness, healing balance, and personal transformation.



I have always been curious about the human condition and the mystery of life.  This led me to pursue a second career in 2007, receiving a Master’s degree in counseling psychology from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.  Since that time, I have worked primarily with adults and couples in settings ranging from inpatient psychiatric units, to community mental health settings, to private clinical practice.  Today, I work primarily with adults in my Austin office.

I am currently engaged in an advanced study program related to Analytical Psychology and Jungian theory.  I am a voracious reader and my work and thinking are constantly evolving with influences from philosophy, literature, neuroscience, anthropology, and mythology, as well as music and cinema.  

I do not expect my clients to travel paths that I will not, and in that regard I am firmly committed to my continued personal growth and development.  I meet regularly with other therapists and psychoanalysts as I work to improve myself both professionally and personally.

I am a lover of nature and of animals, and I continue a part-time practice in my first career as a veterinarian.



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